Now, before you all shout out , in unison, “I thought you made your pasta by hand?” 

-rest assured, WE DO.

We often do it with the assistance of machines, but there is no shortage of “handmadeness”

-even with the aide of beautiful pasta robots.


Behold “Stella”, as I will call her…

Mixing the dough still takes the exacting touch of human hands to achive the right moisture content,

And still needs a loving fingertips, to feel if the dough has been laminated, re-folded and worked again, and again,

until the proper, silken-yet-toothsome texture is achieved.

It’s just that………

My arms are just less sore this way…….

And to be honest, I’ve yet to meet a robot that can make these Farfalle, with our intended imperfectly varying sizes and shapes.

We prescribe to the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, ’round here

Farfalle, with local asparagus, lemon and mint!

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Strozzapretti, with lamb, kalamata olives, eggplant and tomato

Tagliatelli, with duck egg and prosciutto carbonara