Sumac is fantastically underused and, other than chefs, little known.

(I stole this photo from

It’s flavor is quite unique, and reminds me a bit of pink peppercorns with a hint of black lime notes and dark berries.

But that aside, I just thought it would be fun to put it into pasta!

so, here’s me…


It definitely mellows quite a bit when applied to pasta, but the earthy complexly adds something to boring old Alfredo…. 

-wait a second, I cant remember the last time I made or had Alfredo?

…Holy S!@T this stuff is DELICIOUS! -no wonder everyone is always asking when I was going to make this,

It’s like drinkable Parmesan!

(sorry for all the dirty looks, your right, it’s good)

Also today:

Spaghetti, alla Amatriciana!

Cavatelli, with Washington Asparagus and Sunburst Tomatoes!