International Workers’ Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the international labour movement and left-wing movements.

It commonly sees organized street demonstrations and marches by working people and their labour unions throughout most of the world.

May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries. It is also celebrated unofficially in many other countries.”


I’m sure “Smashing the State” and “Crushing Capitalism” is hard, hard work, and you will need to fortify yourselves.

You cannot head out to the streets, clad in gasmasks, your Che Guevara t-shirts and red bandanas, on an empty stomach

 -You’re going to need some lunch first,

How about something as black as your distain for “The Man”

not to mention, pleasantly briny, garlicky, and with a touch of fresh italian parsley?

Tagliarini con il Nero di Sepia!

Tastes like revolution in every bite!

To support your cause, I promise NOT to send any of the %10 sales tax I collect today to the State, In stead, it will go to a more noble cause.

It will provide relief from the laboriously long hours of some of the local workforce, through the soothing power of libations.

A.K.A. Beer Money.


Also today:

Papardelle, with spicy meaty ragu

Gnocchetti, with Salsa pomadori and mascarpone