Every now and then I get the erge to go all “Fancy-Schmancy ™” on you.

but more importantly, I had about 6 months of parmesan rinds taking up a corner of my fridge, that had been awaiting for their final destination.


And as I hoisted the satchel of rinds out of the beef-knuckle stock they had been simmering in for nearly 16 hours,

The smell was intoxicating……

Someday they’ll finally invent “Smell-O-Blog-O-Vision(tm)”

and you will be able to fully appreciate a photo like this ….

Still clearly drunk from my aroma-gasm,

I decided, why not do something special, hun?

A little potato and mascarpone “Cappelletti” should do the trick!

Add a little smoked prosciutto and mirepoix, now you’ve got a comfort-classic Northern Italian meal!

BTW, I srongly recomend enjoying it with our new beer, imported from Ballard, Norticlandia –Hilliard’s, Saison and Amber Ale!

Also today:

Tagliatelle, Alla Puttanesca (capers, anchovy, green olives, oregano, tomato)

Maccheroni, Alla “Mahrgarita” Salsa Pomadori, Fresh Basil leaves, Fresh Ricotta.