…..Well, they ARE.

And no, you wont find any reference to these in the

Encyclopedia of Pasta,

and yes, sometimes I, as one might so eloquently put it, “make s#@t up”

But c’mon, everything in our world was “made up”, by someone, once upon a time.

Before DaVinci was famous, I’m sure that this was exactly what his friends said about him behind his back,



 “That DaVinci, just sits around in his studio, making s#@t up,

all day long, ….ppffttt, ….loser


“Yea, let’s go drink some spiced wine and smash some stuff”


 -but more important than their cute lil’ dimples, or their lack of historical references, I “made them up” with two distinct purposes:

1. They have dimples, reach out and grab the sauce.

2. They are toothy and hearty enough to stand up to that said sauce.

That sauce being a spicy, meaty ragu, I’d say it’s working out just fine!

Also today:

Malloreddus, with spring garlic, spring onions, mushroom and cream

Tagliarini, with anchovy, garlic chili and tomato conserva