It is said that the only things needed for making a Prosciutto, in addition to a lovingly raised and well butchered leg of pig,



and Time.

The ancient mystics, quoted of stating this, however, could not see into the future.

I’m sure they assumed that if you had raised a pig, you had a barn, and most likely a cellar

-to hang that Prosciutto, for one year minimum and often up to two.

Unfortunately, we have no such luxury, here, in our tiny Il Corvo.

So after 30 days of salt curing, and 60 days of drying, we decided to take our leg over to Dot’s Delicatessen, and have Mr. Miles James smoke it to perfection-

For immediate consumption.


At first, upon dropping it off, I felt guilty.  I felt as if I was possibly doing a dis-service to that pig.

– But then, when I received my leg back from the embers , I decided,

No sir, this is a fantastic way to enjoy that pigs life!

So I cranked out a sea of spaghetti, with the torchio.

(my morning workout)

-and whipped up a lil sumpt’n for you!

Ahhh, Carbonara! 

How could I ever feel guilty about you!

Also today,

Asparagus filled Raviolini, with salsa pomadrori

Tagliarini, alla Siciliana (anchovy, garlic tomato conserva)