I typically dont feature the same dish twice in a week,

But as I walked past the produce stand, there they were again,

beckoning to me with their succulent leaves, tempting me with their sweet crunch

and showing just enough of their lacy, bright yellow florettes, to keep me interested.

So, I decided, since it did get rave reviews from my patrons, pared with the barley pasta….

Why not bring it back?

But I will have to change up the pasta, (just so I dont feel too lazy)

I thought the Black Nile Barley Flour, would lend itself beautifully to the Venetian shape


Like I said earlier this week…..So. Freaking. Healthy.

It’s like someone ground up a bunch of hippies and made a lovely, hearty pasta from their soul. -(4:20 bra!) 

also today:

Strozzapreti, with Ragu Bolognese

Spaghetti, with Artichoke and Aspagas creme