Just a subtle reminder, …I love gifts.

Especial when those gifts can be shared with the rest of you!

(ok, Sometimes I like to share with you, but not all the time, …so dont hold me to that.)

-so today, instead of making myself a giant 12 Duck Egg Frittata for breakfast,

I decided to make you some pasta with my bequiffement of pastel coloured beauties.

-And to fully appreciate the richness of these wonderfull uova,

I decided to make some fatties-

Nice, thick Lasagnette!

A type of pasta just begging for Ragu Bolognese! 

File this under the heading “things that dont suck” 

Also today:

Cavatelli, with house cured pancetta, snap peas and mint

Tagliarini, with arugula, pistachio, lemon pesto