It is Friday the 13th after all,

The sign of the horns “Mano Cornuta (pointing downward) is used to ward off The Evil Eye “Malocchio” or any other bad luck, -and coincidentally, was also used by Ronnie James Dio’s Nona, before he made it popular with the heavy metal kids (pointing upward) . 

Luckily, I’m not superstitious.

Furthermore, I believe there is no such thing as bad luck, only bad timing. 

But as the rules of Murphy go, the laws of restauranteuring follow, -and by simply stating this,

I am just begging for disaster.

Although, I do cook Italian food, and Italians do NOT fear the number 13, so what do I have to be afraid of?

So I say “In Bocca Al Lupo”- into the wolfs’ mouth!

(which is an endearing phrase of good luck in Italy)

and typically returned with the phrase:

“In Culo Alla Balena!”

(I’ll let you go look that one up yourselves)


Good luck keeping this one out of the mouth of the wolf!

Tagliatelli, with house-cured Pancetta, Tuscan kale, and Cream. 

Also today:

Capellini, with arugula, pistachio and lemon pesto

Cavatelli, with braised pork “Peposa”