For those of you God fearing practitioners of Catholic Lenten Disciplines, we’ve made you a fantastic 

Tagliatelle alla Pescatore

(-but for the heathens, we’ve made you

a decadent, Lasagna Bolognese) 

Well,…. you sure picked a fine time for your Religious Refusal of Carnality,

-I mean, um,…why would you want that lasagna anyway, right?

The Pescatore is laden with house-cured salmon, anchovies, clams, pacific rockfish and just a touch of spice and fresh herbs,

-it is all the flavors of the Italian southern coasts, just begging for a glass of white wine and a spot in the sun,

(you’re not abstaining from sun too are you?)

I asure you, you’ve made the right choice,


The Lasagna Bolognese is still baking, deep in the fires of hell, so here is an accurate description:

Nine sinfully tender sheets of pasta,

Four creamy seductive layers of béchamel,

alternating with four layers of rich, totally un-necessarily indulgent layers of ragu bolognese.

that’s like 17 layers of sin right there!


Yep, you got an easy decision ahead of you. No problem.

-or you could just go all pagan-herbal-naturopath,

and just get the Ravioli, filled with locally foraged nettles and ricotta, and tossed with Burro e Pomadori

-but that would be the easy way out, don’tcha think?