We like sugo, sugo is good.


The word “Sugo” can mean lots of different things.

 It most commonly translates to juice, sauce or gravy- depending on what you are speaking of,

and when speaking of “Maiale” (pig, in Italian), can only mean “Good Things” ™.

Pig Juice.

Pig Gravy.

Pig sauce.

Yes please.  All versions sound good to me!

Garganelli, is designed to be a vehicle for such”Good Things” ™.

or more accurately, sugo is designed to perfectly embellish Garganelli.

Because, let’s face it, it is all about the pasta.

(ok, it’s mostly about the pasta, and kinda about that pork gravy too)

But it IS all about the hot and saucy relationship between the pasta, the sugo, and your mouth.

(a ménage á trios, if you will)

-A complicated relationship with the best possible outcome!

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