Locally foraged, Stinging Nettles, make a perfect substitute for boring ol’ spinach

-in the traditional ricotta dumplings called:

“Gnudi”  or Naked Ravioli

luckily for you, the tiny little pokey things that make those nettles sting, soften and disappear once you blanch them.

-the resulting greens are spinach-like in flavor, with a touch of spring-garlic-kick in the background.  In short, simply delicious!

(not to mention free, if you take a walk through Discovery Park with some gloves and a sack)

-the dough is similar to gnocchi in texture, with a about 50% ricotta cheese.

 little pillows are rolled and cut-out, – they start mingling around…. having some drinks…… chatting it up….

one thing leads to another, …and before you know it……

Pow! -Just like a College Party…..

Everybody in the pool is hot and naked!

ah, those were the days…..

Also today:

Lasagnette  Strappatta(hand torn), alla bolognese

Cavatelli, with Radicchio, Pine Nuts, Golden Raisins and Pancetta