I’ve been called “Rakish“, a “Hedonist” and a “Heathen

But lets face it, It’s all about the pleasures of the table,

and I enjoy making you sweat……

 -the image of the mental anguish across your brow, illuminated by you computer monitor, -makes the corners of our mouths curl upward into a devilish grin!

As you think to yourself,  IT’S LENT for crying out loud!

How dare Il Corvo Pasta put

Mt Townsend Creamery’s Truffled Fromage Blanc into those beautiful Pansotti!

On today, of all days!……

so tempting, so luxurious, so decadent, so…. impossible to resist!

Look, no one likes a tattletale,

-so we wont tell if you dont, and if that goody-two-shoes conscious of yours wont leave you alone,

-there’s always confession.

Also today:

Linguini, alla Amatriciana!

Fusilli, con il Pepparonatta