“La Cucina Povera” is slowly becoming our credo at Il Corvo.


The term, (literally meaning poor kitchen) is often used to describe peasant cooking.

It’s a style of cooking, much like all of our favorite foods, that, though born out of poverty, is not compromised in its’ flavor or quality.

It’s an idea that speaks directly to my core cooking values:

-Used stuff is readily available

-Use every last bit of the stuff

-Use only just as much stuff as is needed

-to sum it up, K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) or, to put it more eloquently, no need to guild the lily.


Receiving a gift from Kurt of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, of a sizable block of their Flagship Cheddar, I was scouring my brain for what to do with it.

Wanting to avoid the obvious, “Mac n Cheese” (although we do make a damn fine Maccheroni) 

I needed to find something to showcase the cheese, and a Cheddar Alfredo wasn’t going to cut it.

Then, while trolling around the web, I came across a dish so simple and so perfect, I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten all about it!

(BTW, thank you, -you know who you are)

Cacio e Pepe, (cheese and black pepper) is the perfect embodiment of La Cucina Povera,

Two ingredients, that on their own are delicious and readily available in most households, brought together, in such a way to become greater than the sum of their parts.

-And a perfect flavor profile to showcase the sharpness, and uniqueness of the Flagship cheddar!

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