I often go on rants that orbit around the ol’ “They dont make ’em like they used to” topic.

And this is no exception.

But today, I want to speak of the “dumbing down” of all things artisanal.

One of the reasons I prefer the antique pasta tools to the new,

is because the manufacturers of these devices assumed we had some intelligence.

If this Vitantonio Mafaldine Cutter was produced today, and not in 1920, it would surely NOT be approved by the

Consumer Product Safety Commission.

(then again, life expectancy back then was around 53 for men)

With all that awesome finger crushing power, the lawsuit possibilities are endless!

Seriously, -this tool, much like many artisanal implements of the era,

demands you know SOMETHING about the nature of your work.

And your full attention!

(no texting, no tweeting)

-Back in the days when teachers could be expected to smack you across the knuckles with a ruller,

so too, does this device scold you:

“You better have done your homework”  if not, you alone are to blame for the consequences.


– but there are rewards for your due diligence.

Namely, for one, I still have all my fingers.

and for two……..

We’ve got some beautiful Malfadine to pare with the pork sugo today.

Also today:

Spaghetti, A l’Agliata (slow braised garlic sauce, bread crumbs, parmesan)

Malloreddi, Alla Siciliana (anchovy, capers, green olives, tomato and Sicilian fennel)