(This photo was mistakenly blog-posted this morning due to an alarming lack of caffeine, so I figured I’d include it in the back story)


This morning, at dreary 5:30 am, the only thing that made me willing to venture out and meet the day, was the thought of driving to work. -A welcome change from my usual walk.  At that point in the AM, it was coming down in buckets, and really, just look the old boy, he deserves to be driven occasionally (even if purely out of convenience)

All the rain inspired two thoughts,

Handmade Couscous and


There are a few ways to make Cuscussu but I prefer the “rain drop” method.

It is simple, and the result is beautiful little pebbles of pasta, perfect for our Cioppino today!

You quite simply dip your fingers into some water and flick them like raindrops onto the semolina,

Give the flour a good shake, and sift it ounce through a fine sieve to separate the droplets from the flour,

Then through a large screen to remove the, soon to become, ” Fregola De Sarda”,

you will be left with the Cuscussu,

I like to put mine into a low oven and dry it completely to save for a “Rainy Day” 


Cioppino con Cuscussú

Also today,

Pappardelle, with Pecorino Ginepro Alfredo

Spaghetti, with anchovy, garlic, parsley olive oil and bread crumbs