Vin Brulé and Hubbard Squash Ravioli!

Baby, Its cold outside…..

So warm up with a little Italian Mulled wine! “Vin Brulé”

With it’s origins from Northern Italy, I’m guessing they borrowed the name from the French,

(sort of how you “borrow” a french press pot from your neighbor -with no intent to EVER give it back)

I dress mine up with a little splash Cocchi Americano – to add a touch of herbal-bitter complexity, It makes for a nice warming lunchtime treat!

That, pared with,

Hubbard Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage

It’s like your own personal Thanksgiving Party, –

with-out all the drunk family members, bratty nieces and nephews, mind-numbing football talk, kitchen control issues, threats of botulism,

lap-liking dogs, mountains of dishes, passive-agressive “I’m such a martyr” vegans

and uneaten desserts-that-you-now-have-to-take-back-home-with-you…ect..

in short, with-out all the fuss.

Also today:

Capellini, with Anchovy, garlic, parsley and olive oil

Cavatelli, with blue cheese and toasted pecans

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