The official definition of the Holliday is:

An Italian contraction of the Latin “feriae augusti- literally, Augustus’s holiday. Proclaimed by Augustus (Julius Caesar’s nephew and heir, and the first Roman Emperor), the feriae augusti were originally a full month of continuous celebration later reduced to a single day in early, and subsequently mid, August. The feriae marked a period in Roman society in which the division of classes slackened, witnessing the rare social mingling of citizens and slaves.

But anyone who’s been to Italy in August knows the REAL reason for the celebration is something along the lines of :

It’s too F!#$%ng hot to work or do ANYTHING other than go to the beach and drink Prosecco!”

If only we had such a problem here. – Sorry to rub it in.

today’s menu,

Gnocchi, with pesto

Linguini, with Sage Bechamelle

Malloreddus, with Sausage, Kale and Tomato

Angels’ Hair, with Cured Tuna Heart, Parsley and Chili