The official definition of the Holliday is:

An Italian contraction of the Latin “feriae augusti- literally, Augustus’s holiday. Proclaimed by Augustus (Julius Caesar’s nephew and heir, and the first Roman Emperor), the feriae augusti were originally a full month of continuous celebration later reduced to a single day in early, and subsequently mid, August. The feriae marked a period in Roman society in which the division of classes slackened, witnessing the rare social mingling of citizens and slaves.

But anyone who’s been to Italy in August knows the┬áREAL reason for the celebration is something along the lines of :

It’s too F!#$%ng hot to work or do ANYTHING other than go to the beach and drink Prosecco!”

If only we had such a problem here. – Sorry to rub it in.

today’s menu,

Gnocchi, with pesto

Linguini, with Sage Bechamelle

Malloreddus, with Sausage, Kale and Tomato

Angels’ Hair, with Cured Tuna Heart, Parsley and Chili